2020 International Conference on Big Data & Artificial Intelligence & Software Engineering
Prof. Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Khasawneh



Name: Dr.Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Khasawneh

University/Department: Al-Madinah International University / Faculty of Computer and Information Technology

Research Area: Image Encryption, Big Data, BlockChain and IOT

Speech Title:  IOT Opportunities and Challenges

Speech Abstract: 

The Internet of Things (IoT) entails a connectivity extension into a bigger range of human environment. It allows more data comprehensions, analytics as well as competences of control of the world. In many ways, IoT has impacted the lives of man. Indeed, the possible prospects of IoT have been explored by many. As IoT has greater capacity and interconnectedness, many have begun to employ IoT as replacement of previous technologies. Accordingly, among the novel initiatives driven by IoT technologies include Society 5.0 in Japan, Smart and Connected Communities in USA, and PICASSO (ICT Policy, Research, and Innovation for a Smart Society) in EU. All these initiatives are part of the scrutiny of future concepts that are important to both the culture and the society made possible with the technologies of IOT.

Through IoT, consumers are presented with services and products that are innovative, at the time, place and in the manner that they desire. As IoT technologies improve in terms of reliability, affordability, extend of coverage, and in terms of its customization ability, the trend is expected to accelerate. Somehow, there are foundational obstacles currently facing IoT. Among these obstacles include the demand for scientific principles for the creation of IoT system design that is strong, hardy, and foreseeable, in addition to the demand for engineering principles for the construction of IoT open-systems that are scalable, verifiable, and trusted, as well as the need for human-centric principles for system engineering with the application of IOT.